Harrysong Explains Why He Quickly Speak Up About His S*X Tape, Blackmail

Nigerian artist Harrison Okiri, alias Harrysong, revealed why he opened up on a six-year-old s*x tape with which he is being blackmailed.

Unlike his colleagues, Oxlade, Tiwa Savage, and ex-BBNaija housemate Cross, whose sex tapes went viral after they were ‘accidentally’ released on Snapchat, Harrysong’s video have yet to go viral.

On Wednesday, the 40-year-old musician disclosed that a sex worker with whom he taped a sex tape has threatened to share the footage.

The ‘Reggae Blues’ singer then published photos of his conversations with his blackmailer on his Instagram story shortly after.

During a conversation with PREMIUM TIMES, Harrysong said that he felt disappointed as his six-year-old escapades with the blackmailer had spurred a fresh scandal.

He said,

“At this point, I am disappointed at the whole issue because it happened six years ago, and she brought it up and started asking me for more money. I have sent money once she said it wasn’t enough, I have sent money to her again. She insisted that we should record it that day.”

He noted that the blackmailer was in the habit of requesting money from him.

“It was becoming incessant. That is why I thought it wise to bring it to the public since I couldn’t control it anymore from her side. I just wanted to make it known to my fans. Just in case anything comes out,” he added.

“She was (using) the six years’ sex tape recently for monetary gains, maybe because I have given her once or twice, she wants me to continue.”

The singer agreed that he made public his chat with the blackmailer so his fan would be aware, should incase any sex tape should be released.

Harrysong said that the only person he owed an explanation is his wife. However, he said that his wife is super supportive and understanding amidst the recent scandal.

Harrysong urged his colleagues to be very careful as most people are set to blackmail them with their sex tapes or otherwise.

He said:

“Celebrities should be very careful with their activities because most people use it as a business. Most people, especially women, have turned it into a new way of life. Once a person meets a celebrity, they start looking out for how to make money from the celebrity, and they start putting cameras everywhere, recording their conversations, looking for a way to trap the celebrity.”



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