Is Lyta No Longer A Marlian? (See This)

Lyta is one artist that has had quite a rocky past.

Since we’ve known him, he’s been ‘signed’ to three labels; Olamide’s YBNL, a certain Doro Music, and Naira Marley’s Marlian Records.

But it would appear that none of those have lasted as we thought they would. He was okay at YBNL at the start and we thought Olamide could really give him a platform. But when that fell through, he had to leave.

If anything was going to save his next deal, it would be his hit song with Davido, “Monalisa” but that didn’t seem to help the youngster either. He moved on to the next.

When Naira Marley took him on in 2020, everyone thought it was for the best. And, for a while, yeah, it appeared to be. He had a couple of successful singles and that was it. Now, he seems he’s moved on from the Marlian again?

Has Lyta Really Left Marlian Records?

Although about three months ago Lyta did a song with Naira Marley, it would be my understanding that there’s something else going on with Lyta right now.

The “Are You Sure” singer recently released an EP called “Rafat” which had a couple of new songs and no collaboration with any of the Marlian Records artists. That’s not all.

Naturally, all of his previous music have been distributed by and copyrighted to Marlian Music, but this time that wasn’t the case. Instead, the EP was copyrighted to Rafat Music, which suggests that Lyta is creating a kind of outfit for himself.

On his Instagram page too, his bio has nothing related to Marlian Music. Instead, there is a username of what happens to be a Rafat Music page. This looks like the YBNL move; the whole ‘drop an album with the name of the label’ thing.

We’ll find out more as time goes on, but for now, it’s safe to assume that Lyta is no longer under Naira Marley’s umbrella.

What do you think?

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