YDel Prince Is Out With Hit New Single,”Open Doors”

Songwriter, music maker and producer, Ydel Prince, has just released a new single Titled ‘Open Doors’ – a groovy, inspirational dance song with a blend of pop, R&B and Soul.

The song “Open Doors” was inspired by the unconditional love of God and Y Del’s experiences with God especially over the last couple of years. According to Y Del – “relocating from Johannesburg South Africa to United States and all the challenges of starting afresh and incorporating into a totally new environment indeed has shown me a new side of God, There have been many ups and downs but but God has opened every door not because I am so good or done everything right, but because of His love. ” 

This song transcends many frontiers, and promises to be a great experience for every man and woman, young or old.

The song is fast becoming an instant hit and turning into a celebration song in gatherings and social events, on the airwaves in the California Bay Area and other parts of America and on major radio stations and social media.


Ydel believes music is a powerful tool that relates to the emotions of the human soul. In his words, “Everyone responds to music and it is an inseparable part of our lives. The lyrics in music are powerful and can influence people both positively and negatively.

My vision is to inspire people in diverse ways across genres of music and with a strong message to create a positive influence and change lives.”

Although his music breaks frontiers and blesses many, Ydel Prince, more than anything wants to bless the world with his music and be an example to young people in music, and in general life. His passion stems from his desire to make people know that God is love and God loves them, and that they can only find true joy, love and happiness in God.

This excellent piece of work will definitely brighten up any day for the listener. The lyrics are powerful and the rhythm is perfect. The centre message of the song is the unsurpassed and immeasurable love of God.



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